Fontana Amorosa

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Fontana Amorosa

Fontana Amorosa (Fontana Amorosa / Fontana Amoroza) is a small bay located in the national park of the Akamas Peninsula (northern Paphos), in its northern part of the coast.

The coast of the bay is mostly rocky with small rock formations. This bay is 3-4 m deep with clear water and sandy bottom and patches of rocks and vegetation. The water in the bay is clear, colors from blue to dark blue, in places with a green tint.


You can anchor to the west side of the bay with an anchor and a long line ashore. This bay is less visited than the Blue Lagoon, and the anchorage at night is usually good.

Things to do:

There are no facilities at the bay, but the roads and trails of the Akamas peninsula are lovely, and you can stroll and hike at the area. The bay is one of the attractions of Akamas and the Paphos region as a whole.