Aphrodite Beach

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Aphrodite Beach

Aphrodite Beach is extending to the west of Latchi marina (do not confuse with aphrodite's rock which is in Kouklia, Cyprus).

On the eastern side of the beach, the iconic Anassa resort hotel can be seen, and the west boundary of this beach is lined with Ttakkas Bay Restaurant with its red rooftop. Aphrodite Beach is about one mile long.


Anchor outside the swim buoys along the beach at a depth of 6-7 meters. The bottom is sandy, surrounded with patches of rocks. Be careful in this region when swimming to and from the yacht as there is a lot of marine traffic of tripper boats to the blue lagoon and back to Latchi marina.

In the summer the afternoon winds can differ from 3-5 knots. The wind usually comes from off-shore, and keep the anchorage cooler than the at the harbor.


The best WiFi seems to be from Ttakkas Bay Restaurant and the Aphrodite Beach Restaurant immediately East of it.

Things to do:

Aphrodite Trail — about 8 km trail that is a must to walk. Breathtaking views for all the region and blue lagoons, diving, snorkeling.