Agios Georgios

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Agios Georgios

This small traditional fishing village is centered around a small church sitting at the edge of a cliff with stunning views. It is relatively peaceful area even in the middle of the summer.

The little fishing harbour at the edge of the village is one of the few remaining secret spots for the locals.

Swimming here is prohibited (not that anyone would obey) but you can sail or stroll further up the coast and you will find fascinating sea caves and dramatic landscapes with easy access to the water for a quick dip.


You cannot dock at the fishing shelter, but you can anchor at 3-4 m behind the breakwater.

Beware of the rocks at the entrance to the shelter. If you sail from Paphos, it’s the entrance to the Akamas Peninsula. Here you can enjoy the views or take a stroll through the coastline.


There are several different restaurants and small cafes, that you can visit. Also you can find here a small grocery shop.

Things to do:

Near the harbour there is a network of caves that stretch just under the restaurant. There is also a little archeological site opposite the church.