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Western Cyprus extends from the UN buffer zone east of Pomos to the base of the Akrotiri Peninsula. Harbours that are suitable for mooring in all-weather conditions are Latchi marina in the north and Pafos harbour in the south. Depending on weather conditions, you can find good anchorage at Pomos, Aphrodite's Beach, Blue Lagoon, Geranissos, Lara Beach (outside of turtle season), Coral Bay, Timi, Pissouri, and Avdimou.

Akamas Bay

The Akamas National Park lies on the west coast of Cyprus, a truly pictorial part of the island. It has an area coverage of 230 square kilometres containing valleys, gorges and wide sandy bays.
The wildlife diversity is crucial for the ecology in the Mediterranean.



Pomos fishermen's harbour is tiny and usually full. Depth is not more than 1.5m, located on the west coast of Cyprus and is a part of Akamas Peninsula.
Pomos is also known throughout Cyprus due to the ancient sculpture - Pomos idol (XXX century BC), which was found in the village. Currently, the sculpture is in the Archaeological Museum of Nicosia.



Latchi is considered as the 1st port of entrance to sailors from Greece and Turkey. Originally was a fisherman's harbour but in the last few years, the harbour has grown and became a point of interest for tourism having facilities and amenities.
In the summer, the harbour is crowded and full. Contact the harbour master for the berth in advance.


Aphrodite Beach

Aphrodite Beach is extending to the west of Latchi marina (do not confuse with aphrodite's rock which is in Kouklia, Cyprus).
On the eastern side of the beach, the iconic Anassa resort hotel can be seen, and the west boundary of this beach is lined with Ttakkas Bay Restaurant with its red rooftop. Aphrodite Beach is about one mile long.


Blue Lagoon

The most popular anchorage in the Latchi area is the Blue Lagoon with its brilliant turquoise waters as clear as a swimming pool.
Blue lagoon locates the picturesque coast, this bay is perfect to an anchorage. In the summertime, there are a lot of tourist boats coming. 


Fontana Amorosa

Fontana Amorosa (Fontana Amorosa / Fontana Amoroza) is a small bay located in the national park of the Akamas Peninsula (northern Paphos), in its northern part of the coast.
The coast of the bay is mostly rocky with small rock formations. This bay is 3-4 m deep with clear water and sandy bottom and patches of rocks and vegetation. The water in the bay is clear, colors from blue to dark blue, in places with a green tint.


Geronisos / Yeronisos

Yeronisos is a tiny island, located 280 meters from the west coast of Cyprus, has been uninhabited since the 14th or 15th century. It has an area of ​​26,000 square meters and rises 21.65 meters above sea level. Geologically, the island consists of a hard limestone crust of Pleistocene marine terraces that exceeds a soft core of pearls.


Lara Bay

Lara Bay is composed of two beaches - the south and north. Turtle nesting season is from June till September, and the anchorage is forbidden at this time in this area.
The cost between Cape Arnauti ana Lara Bay, 9 miles southward, is high, cliffy and precipitous.


Agios Georgios

This small traditional fishing village is centered around a small church sitting at the edge of a cliff with stunning views. It is relatively peaceful area even in the middle of the summer.
The little fishing harbour at the edge of the village is one of the few remaining secret spots for the locals.


Coral Bay

The central bay of the Peyia region and is popular among tourists and families. It has thin golden sand and clear water. The beach is located inside a cozy bay, on the right and left sides of which are rocky peninsula of Maa-Paleokastro and a cape.
Thanks to natural barriers, comfortable weather conditions are maintained on the Coral Bay, the water in the sea is usually 3-5 degrees warmer than on the bays within Paphos.



Pafos is a coastal city that lies in the South-West of the Republic of Cyprus and is a port of entry operated by the Cyprus Ports Authority.
It considered as a historical and cultural center of Cyprus and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.



Timi is located on the South of Pafos Airport, a beautiful cove containing Kathari Beach that offers shelter from the swells.


Pissuri Bay

Pissouri Bay is a sandy bay that is located in the Southwest of Cyprus and protected by Cape "Aspro" spectacular white cliffs.
Both sides the bay is surrounded by the cliffs, making the beach one of the most picturesque in this part of the coast of Cyprus.


Avdimou Bay

Avdimou Bay locates just in the east of Pissouri Bay and is another bay that is also well protected from the westerly swell.


Episkopi Bay

Episkopi Bay is located between Cape Aspro and Cape Zevghari. Several small sandy bays lie along its northern shore.
The village of Episkopi is situated in the north-eastern part of the bay and can be identified by a conspicuous white church with a red roof.


Lady's Mile Beach

Lady's Mile is a long coastline at the east part of the Akrotiri Peninsula, on the southern coast of Cyprus, just a few miles from Limassol Marina.


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