Yacht Charter Season 2020 and Covid-19 in Cyprus

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Covid-19 regulations

If you are considering booking a yacht charter in the summer of 2020, COVID-19 can leave you with questions about cancellations, security, travel restrictions, and social distances. We prepared some tips and answers for questions that might appear renting sailing yachts during the current situation with COVID-19.

Whether you are an experienced charter guest or just going to book your first vacation on a yacht charter, the COVID-19 outbreak has paused journeys of many of us around the world.

Since the introduction of travel restrictions, we have received many questions about chartering a yacht for the summer of 2020: "Should I book a yacht during an outbreak of Coronavirus?", "What happens if I have to refuse?" The questions and concerns are understandable, and Globalia Yachting leaves the media panic aside to give you a comprehensive overview of the developing situation in Cyprus with coronavirus and how it will affect your yacht charter vacation this summer. We believe that it’s important to gather all the facts and make an informed choice, and we will review this article for the daily update to provide you with the latest information and tips.

Is it still safe to charter a yacht during COVID-19 outbreak in Cyprus?

First of all, it is important to understand that all yacht trips can be 100% risk-free. Objectively, a yacht charter is a much safer vacation option than staying at a hotel or cruise liner in the coronavirus context for a number of reasons.

Limited impact on other people
Yacht charter and vacation on the sailing yacht first of all means you don’t need to interact with other members of the public. If you are worried about air travel, consider a private flight. The flexibility of a yacht charter also means that you can choose where you want to go — you can just avoid crowded places on land and stick to peaceful places such as small bays, beaches and hidden coves.

Less staff or no staff on board in case of bareboat chartering means less risk. There could be only a few crew members on the yachts, so it is much easier to track the potential impact of the virus or avoid it if you can skipper the yacht by yourself.

Clean and hygienic environment
All yachts in our fleet are disinfected after guests check out, and disinfection on board the yacht is also much easier compared to other types of recreation. From guest areas to crew areas, everywhere onboard is cleaned to the highest hygienic standards.

Yachts become a small harbor on the water. In fact, there is no need to go ashore at all, except for refueling, waste disposal, or bad weather. For the most part, if you want, you can spend your entire vacation on the deck, enjoying a lunch or dinner from the local restaurants, using diving and snorkeling equipment, and making the most of the yacht's capabilities. In this case, you will adhere to the principles of social distance, self-isolation measures and travel restrictions set by your local government.

I have already booked my charter and signed a contract. What happens if I need to cancel my charter due to COVID-19 regulations?

Charter companies begin to add additions and clauses to their contracts to take into account any cancellations that result from coronavirus. In general, these paragraphs are intended to enable both parties to win in any case scenario. Charter companies usually provide several options to choose: you can choose a new charter period or sometimes new location, better charter conditions, or they may issue a voucher for your next trip so that both sides will win. Such amendments are intended to provide you with peace of mind when booking. Remember that the yachting industry wants to give the best possible outcome for all interested parties. Yachts are like small harbors on the water, and the flexibility of a yacht charter will give all the advantages during your holidays.

Why is a yacht charter the perfect getaway?

Yacht charter is the best way to enjoy your vacation while maintaining a social distance. Think of it like this: Most people want to be surrounded by loved ones, enjoying a luxurious five-star service in an environment that is equipped with all the best amenities for relaxation and entertainment that you could only dream of. You will have the freedom to move around and discover new places, avoiding the crowds and enjoying the exclusivity that accompanies the yacht charter. On a yacht charter, you can customize the route for yourself and your trip. Avoid crowds on land, and instead stick to secluded beaches, quiet bays and secret lands that can only be reached by boat. And get the experience that no one else can afford.

Can I book now and travel later?

We highly recommend you book now and travel later. If something is clear in these uncertain times, it is that these travel restrictions will soon be removed. In Cyprus the restrictions for the sea traveling will be lifted from June 1, 2020. The season in Cyprus lasts until the end of November, so you can still plan your vacation for autumn dates. We can expect a huge rise in orders for charter yachts and a shortage of charter yachts at the end of the summer months, especially in July, August and September. To avoid disappointment, you should book your yacht now for future dates.

The travel bans have been lifted and I would like to charter a yacht. What will be my charter holiday on a yacht after travel restrictions?

A few months after the lifting of travel restrictions, we can expect that the yachts' charter will continue as usual. However, in the coming weeks after the lifting of travel restrictions, Globalia Yachting can take precautions for your good. If you want to continue the practice of social distance, plan your trip, hire a bareboat, avoid more crowded places on the shore. Many restaurants, beach clubs, and other places are already open and provide take away, delivery, etc. From May 21, 2020 you can enjoy visiting restaurants on spacious verandas.

You can moor the yacht in the peaceful bays and secluded bays, not in ports if you wish to avoid crowdedness. Some destinations are ideal for this type of vacation, including Cyprus. Ultimately, you can expect your yacht charter to be much more focused on rest and relaxation. Enjoy longer downtime on the deck with your loved ones and more opportunities to discover secluded beaches and swim in the calm bays. Choose a yacht with a good selection of equipment and with a good space on the open deck such as catamarans, and you will have fun for hours and hours.

Cyprus' current situation is more than expectable for traveling on this beautiful island. The weather allows you to enjoy sailing almost all year round. Globalia Yachting is always ready to book for you a new luxury vessel from our new fleet or consult with all the questions that may arise.

Always yours, Globalia Yachting